Aviary Press – California
(Megan Adie)


Birdwood Press – Colorado
(Gail Watson)

The Water Department (Last 2 copies)

Elizabeth Castaldo – New York
Turning Tides

Citron Press – Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulos-Selle)

From Here to There on Emerald Lake

Crooked Letter Press – Florida
(Ellen Knudson)

How Swimming Saved my Life (Sold)

Curious Pursuits – North Carolina
(Sharon Sharp)

Flowing Essence

Curly Head Press – Virginia
(Sonja Rossow)


Rebecca Goodale – Maine
Ice Melts
Pleasant Pond
Vernal Pool II(Last Copy)

Green Cat Press – Utah
(Susan Makov)

A Lakeland Walk (Sold)
Thirty-five Passages Over Water (Sold)
turtle watchers (Sold)

Karen Hackenberg – Washington

Karen Hanmer – Illinois
Big River

Ink Fish Press – Pennsylvania
(Tara O’Brien)

Entelechy 2

Peter Koch – California

Jim Koss – Washington
Only When the River Moves
Water Drop 2008

Louise Levergneux – Idaho
Outside of the Studio Series

Jean-Claude Loubiéres – France
Callitriche Stagnalis

May Day Press – Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)

Invocation to the Water Spirits (Sold)

Sarah McDermott – Washington DC
Channel & Flow (Sold)

Clifton Meador – North Carolina
Crossing the Oxus

Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – California
Bernoulli’s Equation (Sold)

Paper Arts – California
(Marie Kelzer)

By the Ocean

Perkolator Press – Alabama
(Amy Pirkle)

The River

Pocket Knife Press – Alabama
(Christopher Davenport)

cup-ful (Sold)

Preacher’s Biscuits Books – New York
(Tate Shaw)

Karaoke (Sold)

Michelle Ray – Florida
Three Ships (Sold)

Red Parrot Press – California
(Barbara Milman)

Exploring the Coral Reefs
Great Floods (Last 2 copies)

Sibyl Rubottom - California
The Water Book

Small Craft Advisory Press – Florida
(Denise Bookwalter, Director)


Spaceheater Editions – Arizona
(Phil Zimmermann)

Incident in Deseret

Springtide Press –Washington
(Jessica Spring)


Beth Thielen – New York
3 Dreams

Tryst Press – Utah
(Rob Buchert)

She is Far From LanD (Sold)

usus press – Germany
(Ulrike Stoltz & Uta Schneider)


Shu-Ju Wang – Oregon
True as Earth, Strong as Water

Julie Wagner – New Mexico
Rio Chama books
the river’s secrets
the river’s tales

Sara White – Louisiana

Thomas Parker Williams – Pennsylvania
Ocean Wave