Tania Baban – California
God Protect Me from the Evil EyE (Sold)

Alicia Bailey – Colorado
Tongue tied

Karen Baldner – Indiana
German/ Jew

Doug Biden – Canada
Atlas of the Body Transparent

Alan Blum – Alabama
Gentle Men
Ladies in Waiting (Sold)
Seeing Patients (Sold)

Terry Braunstein – California
Males and Females
Speak, Hands

Shana Broderick – Wisconsin
Buttons & Bones

Allison Cooke Brown – Maine
Core Sample

Ginger Burrell – California
Assume the Position
Empty (Sold)

Judy Byron – Washington DC
Helga Jennifer Willa Julee Rachel

Irene Chan – Washington DC
Altered States

Joyce Cutler-Shaw – California
What Comes to Mind (Sold)

Marie Dern – California
Hairdo (Last Copy)

Freya Diamond – New Mexico
Leonardo’s Mona Lisa (Sold)
Sonia Delaunay (Sold)

Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret – Canada

Bridget Elmer – Florida
We Can Go Beyond It (Sold)

Wendy Fernstrum – Minnesota
From right to left

Jaye Fishel – California
V Diagrammatica

Julie Friedman – Ohio
Tan Lines (Sold)

Casey Gardner – California
Body of Inquiry (Sold)

Caren Heft – Wisconsin
Cold Earth

Scott Helmes – Minnesota
Our Bodies, Our Icons

Michael Henninger – California
Hand Book (Sold)

Ellen Knudson – Florida
American Breeding Standards

Ann Lovett – New York
Sight Unseen

Marginalia Press – Washington DC

Erin Maurelli – Iowa
Remember Me Saint Catherine

Scott McCarney – New York
Memory Loss

Lise Melhorn-Boe – Canada
Body Map
Breast Cancer Journal
Diffuse Axonal Injury (Sold)
Mind Over Matter
Pain (Last two copies)

Barbara Milman – California
The Father I Remember (Sold)

Howard Munson – California
Collaged Face (Sold)
Drawing on People
Painted FaceS (Sold)

Bea Nettles – Illinois
28 Days
Turning 50

Kelly Parsell – Illinois
Red Spot (Sold)
A Strawberry Heart (Sold)

Michael Peven – Arkansas
Open … Heart Surgery

Amy Pirkle – Alabama

Purgatory Pie Press – New York
Brains & Spines

San Francisco Center for the book
god’s femur

Miriam Schaer – New York
Hands of Josephus

Clarissa Sligh – North Carolina
Wrongly Bodied

Stephanie Stigliano – Massachusetts
Clap Your hands

Richard Troncone – New Jersey
A Medical Vade Mecum

Beth Van Hoesen – California
Wrinkles & Creases

Heather Weston – England
Flip Read
Grey Matter
Paper Cut
Shedding Light

Women’s Studio Workshop – New York
Bent Like the River