Aliquando Press - Canada
(William Rueter)
The Apprentice’s dividend (Sold)
Cats’ Dream (Sold)
The Gospel According to Inglis (Sold)
Work and Beauty

Barbarian Press - Canada
(Crispin & Jan Elsted)
How It GoeS (Sold)

Byopia Press - Canada
(Cathryn Miller)

The Cloths of Heaven (Sold)
Over the Hills (Sold)
Political Promises
Westron Wynde

Catbird (on the Yadkin) Press - North Carolina
(Terry Schubach-Gordon)

Banished Thoughts
Winter into Spring

Lin Charlston - England
Moss Buzz: 22 walks to the same place
A Touch is all it Takes

Citron Press - Wisconsin
(Stephanie Copoulus-Selle)

Sixteen Views of Mutt Fido

Coracle Productions - Ireland
(Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn)

Aglio 6 olio
Ephemera Series 1
The unit of the work is the word

John Hastings - Washington
Across and Down
Bones 2.0 for Millennials (Last Copy)
Vignettes from Rosemoor

Thomas Helmers - Minnesota

Kathy Hettinga - Pennsylvania
4 3 2 CRY trade edition
Like Bees Consumed

JUSTARIP - New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)

Pumps and Pearls
Star Book

May Day Press - Washington
(Catherine Michaelis)

Aster Nautica (Sold)
May Basket

Cathy McLaurin - New Hampshire
The North Wind and the Sun

Memory Press - New Jersey
(Maria Pisano)

The Phoenix

Louise Odes Neaderland - Washington
Boots on the Ground
Trump Circus

Bea Nettles - Illinois
Barkers Creek ABC
Gullah ABC (Sold)

never mind the press - California
(Alisa Golden)

Alphabetical Lichencounters
I Found Out

Notta Pixie Press - Washington
(Jenny Craig)

Dating (Sold)
Fromage & Friends (Sold)

Pied Typer Press - Washington
(Peter Newland)

Moonlight Circus

Press on Scroll Road - Ohio
(Robert Baris)

The Jumblies
Six Poems of Mutabilitie

rae’s of sun - California
(Rae Trujillo)

AlphaBeach (Sold)
I Love Doughnuts

Ethan Rafal - California
Shock and Awe

Red Hydra Press - Alabama
(Steve Miller)

The Guest

Jenna Rodriguez - Virginia
Cayuga Nation (Sold)

San Francisco Center for the Book
Knuckles on the Ground
Grimm’s Fairy Tale Theater (Sold)
The Hunter and the Bear
The Last Color (Sold)
Words Fail (me)

Tom Scarpino - California
Connecting the Dots (Sold)
Political Terms (Sold)

Miriam Schaer - New York
The Presence of Their Absence
(w)hole: A Life in Parts

Stephen Sidelinger - Florida
Haydn and Handel (Sold)

Clarissa Sligh - North Carolina
Transforming Hate
Voyage(r): a trip to Japan

Spaceheater Productions - Arizona
(Philip Zimmermann)

Sanctus Sonorensis

Springtide Press - Washington
(Jessica Spring)

Printer’s Tears

Theodora Press - Illinois
(Teresa Pankratz)

59 Dreams: A Nocturnal Year
Hey Cookie

Emel Thomson - Illinois
Eleven Rooms

Beata Wehr - Arizona
About Serendipity

Wells College Press - New York
(Richard Kegler, Director)

The Bestial Floor
Independent City

Sara White - Louisiana
A Family Attic (Sold)
There: an archive of built places