Countdown to Perfection
Meditations on the Sefirot

By Judith Margolis
Jerusalem, Israel: Bright Idea Books, 2008. Edition of 200.

9.5 x 17"; 53 sheets. Giclée images on Epson Fine Art Textured 225 gram paper (archival, acid-free watercolor paper) produced at the Jerusalem Fine Art Prints Workshop under the supervision of Yair Medina and the artist. Calligraphy by Sharon Binder. Includes 7.5 x 14.5" pamphlet entitled "Additional Notes" (12 pages). All laid into green and orange cloth-covered drop-spine clamshell box, which fits into a matching slipcase with picture frame feature into which a print can be slipped for display. Binding by Ido Agassi. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Bright Idea Books: "The book joins together the tradition of Sefirot ha Omer/counting the Omer; the opportunity to meditate on Kavanot/texts that describe intentions for self-improvement and spiritual change, [and] the inclusion of full color art images meant to comfort, inspire, and assist creative contemplation during an inner journey of disciplined attention.

"For meditative viewing, each page can be individually displayed in the hand-crafted framed slip cover. When not in use, the whole collection is boxed [and appears] like a traditionally bound book.

"Each page has a full-color illustration by the artist/designer, Judith Margolis. The English language Kavanot (meditation texts) are by noted Jerusalem-based Torah teacher Sarah Yehudit Schneider….

"The days of the Omer are scripted on each page in a graceful Hebrew font especially designed for this project by Jerusalem calligraphy artist Sharon Binder. Included in the boxed suite of pages is an instructional hand-sewn folio with additional notes on the Sefirot, instructions for counting the Omer and for meditating on visual images, and a glossary."

Judith Margolis: "These small paintings and collages combine symbolic images with purely abstract forms and color. They are part of an on-going series created for focusing visual meditation, during times when one wishes to consciously direct the energy of one's spiritual work. One such period is the counting of the Omer, the seven weeks between the holiday of Passover, which celebrates our release from Egyptian slavery, and Shavuot, which marks the receiving of the Torah. The Omer is traditionally a time of self improvement and purification.

"The works are done with the understanding that each soul will respond to the colors, shapes and universal iconic forms (a stone wall, a human hand, a staircase, tree roots, chaotic or calm colors) in a unique way. The images become both a focus of attention and a mirror for the viewer to learn from his or her own associations and thoughts, emotions and senses, what that day offers and requires."
$3,000 (SOLD)