Mourning Prayer
By Robbin Silverberg
2000. Edition of 20.

Printed on Dobbin Mill papers in black & blue ink. The format & design replicates a ticketing booklet common in Central Europe. The translucent pages represent the 186 steps of the Staircase of Death at the World War II concentration camp, Mauthausen in Austria. Each of the pages is divided in three sections and stamped with hand-carved numbers and text. The monotony of the pagination and endless sequence of numbers acts as a mantra and compliment to the "prayer" which is comprised of a series of similar sounding words that remind one of walking noises – step, steep, stomp, stamp, stop, slip, slap, spit.

Robbin Silverberg in "Women of the Book": "At its best, I am a member of the "People of the Book" ... of a long and rich history of learning and thinking. At its worst, I am a descendant of a misogynist patriarchal people ... one that I will repeatedly question and react against. Either way, it is a part of me and who I am. Many of my artist books have been identified as "Jewish" in theme; at the same time, being Jewish is not central to my work ... being human is."