The Cushite
Imagined text and drawings by Elaine Galen
Millwood, New York: Haybarn Press, 2008. Edition of 60.

8.5 x 13"; 32 pages. The color drawings follow an original linoleum cut, which appears as a hand-colored frontispiece on Mulberry (initialed and numbered by the artist), and are printed as inkjet transfer on Stonehenge. The portfolio, with Fabriano end leaves, is wrapped in acid-free Canford paperboard.

This book — the fourth in a series on women of the Bible and antiquity (following Deborah, Miriam, and Lilith) — focuses on the wife of Moses, the wife that Aaron and Miriam were so angry with Moses about, the dark-skinned Ethiopian.

Woman of Moses
Born of two nations
Pale face Midianite and dark skin Cushite
Together engaged in war and love
                               Our blood ran as one

$105 (Last three copies)