Grandpa Isidore
Translated by Nicholas de Lange
1999. Edition of 50.

8.75 x 12” Handsomely printed from polymer plates in Garamond and David types on Frankfurt paper. A full-spread etching, printed in black, green and gold, suggests two windows, two vantage points, and is the centerpiece for the mirrored texts. Handsewn. Twinrocker Sagebrush cover. Signed.

Translated from the Hebrew by Nicholas de Lange. Etching by Lynne Avadenka. Text, title, and colophon are printed from front to back in English and back to front in Hebrew. In this short reverie, we enter an old man's remembrance of war. Awakened from a dream, his past and present converge as the thunder outside becomes gunfire, and he thinks he is again the representative of the Jewish community he once was. But, fully awake in rainy Jerusalem, as "the nations rage" on, old confrontations continue inside the man.

Not a story of senility, but a glimpse into how past and present can exist simultaneously, how external battles finished, the soul still wrestles injustice. Beautifully rendered.