Disconnected Constellations
By Nikki Thompson.
Edition of 100.

4" x 4”. Inkjet and Gocco printed. This square blue book is essentially an origami with chapter headings: Subtractions, Luminosity, Mirroring (where the type is also backwards). When this book is completely opened and turned back on itself, you have a perfect star.

Despite the crowding of the sky on a clear, starry night, isolation is the overwhelming feeling when the distance from one star to the next is considered. “Disconnected Constellations” is a series of five prose poems that use metaphors of physics and astronomy to create a psychological landscape of isolation. The spare, typographic layout reflects the emotions portrayed in each poem. This origami fold book structure opens up into a star to reveal illustrated constellations on the outside of the book. Viewed in this manner, a distance is created between the artist and the viewer, further heightening the sense of isolation. Paradoxically, as a reading experience, the reader is brought inside the artist’s consciousness both visually and thematically through the physical and emotional structure of each page.