The Residue of a Moment...
By Jason Workman
New York: Everyday Press, 2008. Edition of 100.

4.5 x 6"; 32 pages.

The residue of a moment experienced by someone other than yourself now a constituent part of a consciousness that has no capacity to forget yet remembers very little is the complete title for this artists' book by Jason Workman. The content consists of photographs documenting a number of public interventions in New York and Melbourne, Australia. Two texts were written on paper and pomegranates respectively, and inserted into public spaces.

Jason Workman, artist statement: "My practice is concerned with introducing gestures, texts, and objects into public space. I am interested in the subtle intersection of these minimal and quiet interventions within the flux of everyday life. I refrain from differentiating 'art-practice' from the 'practice-of-living.' To this end, I have created interventions in my workplace, in retail spaces, on trains, in parks, on the sidewalk. etc. The interventions are poetic, ephemeral and often of a diminutive scale; therefore, they may be noticed by only a few people. If the work elicits a smile, a pause, a moment of disorientation in a small number of people, I consider this worthwhile. Essentially, this type of practice is intuitive and exploratory. It seeks opportunities in which to playfully engage with aspects of our everyday reality."