A Bouquet of Pheasants
By Lisa Rappoport
Berkeley, California: 2006. Edition of 99.

Scroll, five-foot-long, four inches wide with images of 30 animals and their corresponding collective nouns (like herd, school, exaltation) in 30 different fonts. Split fountain so they gradually change color.

Rappoport: "The split fountain inking behaved quite well, but it was a LOT of printing (on dampened paper) and a lot of pasting together the five pieces of the scroll, plus the dowels, and because I had the bright idea to set each animal's collective noun in a different font, distributing the type meant scurrying all over the shop to 30 different typecases. Of course, I initially meant to do say 12 or 15 animals, but when I realized how many of the collective nouns I could illustrate from my ever-burgeoning collection, I just couldn't resist."
$35 (Last Copy)