Crime and Romance
a book in parts

By Emily Martin
Iowa City, Iowa: Naughty Dog Press, 2000. Limited Edition.

5.5 x 8.5"; 36 pages. Black-and-white xerox slice book [slice book is Martin's own coinage, see below] with text and images. Card stock with a black plastic comb binding.

A book from Martin's "Eyes Were Watching" series. Each page is divided into thirds; each third holds an image or a connecting phrase (for example, "Suddenly it was revealed," "Later that same day"); images and phrases can be sequenced in a mix-and-match mode, giving multiple combinations and viewing scenarios. Much like an exquisite corpse structure.

Martin:"I somewhat arbitrarily called them slice books, I think the form predated the Exquisite Corpse games, which did combine images but on intact pieces of paper."
$30 (Sold)