Election 2000 Jargonator
By Dan Mayer & Ed Lebow
2001. Edition of 1000.

8.5 x 11" with three concentric wheels. Offset printed. Background image is Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution, which outlines the method of selecting a President. Construction based on 13th-century revolving bookforms knows as 'Volvelles,' used to chart the position of stars and planets. Also available in a letterpress edition.

MayBow's "Election 2000 Wonk Wheel" is the ultimate tool for political junkies searching for the final word on Florida's Presidential vote. "The Jargonator's" three concentric wheels, each containing 30 words, spin up to 27,000 phrases – an arsenal in the ongoing war of words about the now historic citrus classic. Words were picked from headlines, editorials, and jokes about the campaign and Florida recount.

Second in a continuing series of MayBow's Jargonators.