Struggle for Life (Lucha Por La Vida)
By Ral Veroni
2001. Edition of 200.

4.5 x 6.5”; 14 pages. One original screenprint onto paper currency removed from circulation. Design and origin of the banknote differs in each book in form and content.

Paper wraps. Reproduced images of the series of 30 banknotes from the original Lucha Por La Vida inkjet printed on Somerset Book 175 gm. paper. One original screen-printed banknote is in a plastic sleeve as the last page. Text is English only with a glossary of terms and introduction to the titles from Spanish.

The original "Lucha por la Vida" used devalued paper currency, bills no longer in circulation, from many countries to illustrate our relationships with money. By drawing directly onto these bills, Veroni explored the role money plays in our lives, the power it exercises. Although prevailing wisdom taught that "to save is the way to riches," Veroni soon realized that the best way to invest money was to spend it.

This edition is a smaller version of the original. Instead of the original 30 banknotes this includes only one original full sized currency piece.