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We are excited to be participating in Tropic Bound, Feb 16 – 19 2023, for more information follow this link https://www.tropicboundfair.org/

Looking back at work produced in 2022 – 22 for 22.

The Accretion of Identity (Julie Chen)
Tracing Outlines (Rhiannon Alpers)
Mare Nostrum (Islam Aly)
My Mother’s Stories (Nava Atlas)
Who Goes There? (Todd Thyberg)
Acts of Translation (Sarah Bryant)
Opossum.png (Black Rock Press)
Seabed (Carla Busquets)
Why the South Demands Corrected Textbooks (Katharine Buckley)
Controlled Burn (Shannon Davis)
Inconclusive Manual (Sara Press)
Vidai (Insiya Dhatt)
Running at Wolfe’s Neck (Rebecca Goodale)
We Saw a Flood (Dick Hagner)
Dear Ones (Lyall Harris/Patricia Silva)
Wm Morris … (Art Hazelwood)
Death of Rats (Make, Shift Press)
HUMAN (Steven McCarthy)
Personal (Erin Moore)
Madness: Reading Hamlet .. (Emily Martin)
Dreams of Flight (Rebecca Chamlee)
American River (Thomas Parker Williams)

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