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Rhiannon Alpers ~ Colorado
(Gazelle & Goat Press)
whispering stones 2022

Alice Austin ~ Pennsylvania
nesting 2022
To the Ocean 2022

Alicia Bailey ~ Colorado
Animal Vegetable Mineral 2021

Savannah Bustillo
~ New Mexico
15 Things I Learned 2018
The Calvin Klein watch Omi gave me 2018
Every day I eat until I am full 2018
Hoops and SPF 50 2018
I took a walk … 2018
This is the story of Peter and the Wolf and Alex 2019
The History of Language 2022

Ch’An Press ~ Washington D.C.
(Irene Chan)
Textile History Barbie 2007 (Last 3 copies)

Crane Designs ~ Arizona
(Marian Crane)
Talisman Scarf 2022

Flying Fish Press ~ Wisconsin
(Julie Chen)
The Accretion of Identity 2022
(Last 4 copies)

Rebecca Goodale ~ Maine
Camels (for Rebekah) 2022
Lilith the Mermaid 2022
Lilith the Night Demon 2022

Karen Hanmer ~ Illinois
Mirage 2009 (Last Copy)
1984NOW 2017 (Last Copy)
#Great Again #Believe Me 2018 (Last Copy)

JUSTARIP ~ New Jersey
(Maryann Riker)
Pearlesscence 2010 (Last Copy)
Star Book 2015 (Last 2 copies)
Happy Little Clouds 2022 (Last Copy)

Peter Malutzki ~ Germany
Born to Be Alive 2021

Steven McCarthy ~ Minnesota
HUMAN 2022 (Last 2 copies)
Procreation 2023

Allison Milham ~ Oregon
Mauna Kea Calling 2021

Louise Neaderland ~ New York
Trump Circus 2017 (Last Copy)

Pie in the Sky Press ~ California
(Rebecca Chamlee)
Where Stucco Meets Chaparral 2004 Deluxe (Last Copy)

Marnie Powers-Torrey ~ Utah
Everything Has a Language 2019

Preacher’s Biscuits ~ New York
(Tate Shaw)
Ordinary Curtains 2006 (Last 3 copies)

Protean Press ~ California
(Terry Horrigan)
Stonemasons’ Marks 2004 (Last Copy)

Red Hydra Press ~ Alabama
(Steve Miller)
To Sit With Animals 2013 (Last 2 copies)

Small Craft Advisory Press ~ Florida
(Denise Bookwalter, Director)
The End 2020
Memory Life Manual Index 2021
Oyster Boat vol 2 2021
Past Forward 2022

Suzanne Weinert ~ California
The Wine 2008 (Last 2 copies)

Stonemasons book
Stonemasons’ Marks (Last Copy)
by Protean Press

Everything Has a Language book
Everything Has a Language
by Marnie Powers-Torrey

Mona Lisa book
by Peter Malutzki

Mirage boo
Mirage (Last Copy)
by Karen Hanmer

Mauna Kea Calling book
Mauna Kea Calling
by Allison Milham

Animal Vegetable Mineral book
Animal Vegetable Mineral
by Alicia Bailey

The End book
The End
by Small Craft Advisory Press

trump circus book
Trump Circus (Last Copy)
by Louise Neaderland


Page last update: 01.21.2023

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