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Coxswain Press: " Hailing from the rainy Pacific Northwest, Taylor Cox is a graphic designer, letterpress printer, book binder and proprietor of all things hand made."
Signs of the Re-sis-stance
ByTaylor Cox
Tacoma, Washington: Coxswain Press, 2018. Edition of 32.

4 x 5"; 10 pages. Accordion structure. Letterpress printed as an act of protest by Coxswain Press at The Arts & Crafts Press on Strathmore Impress, Gmund Matt, and Savanna Tindalo paper using photopolyer plates. Band closure. Numbered.

Taylor Cox: "On January 21, 2017, 5 million people gathered in cities around the world to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump and to show that they believed in an equal, tolerant, and safe world for all people. The 2017 march was the largest coordinated protest in US history. On January 20, 2018 millions of people gathered again to show their continued protest of Trump and his administration's policies on immigration, healthcare, racial divides, and other issues. Inspired by the signs held by protesters at both events, this book is meant to act as both a commemoration of these historic marches while simultaneously encouraging and enabling people to continue protesting in their daily lives."

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This is Pretty Much the Story of Our Family
ByTaylor Cox
Tacoma, Washington: Coxswain Press, 2018. Edition of 5.

Letterpress printed. Hand sewing. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Taylor Cox: "In 1990, in an attempt to retain her family's story my grandmother, Doris Eitelgeorge Cox (1921-2001), penned a thirty-page document detailing her family's story as far back as she could remember. She wrote these memories down so that her story and her families story would not be lost as her own memory began to slip away. This is Pretty Much the story of Our Family merges text from my grandmother's journal with current scientific data about the brain to chronicle the physical and emotional effects of memory loss.

"This is Pretty Much the Story of Our Family was printed using multiple photolithograph plates at Pacific Lutheran University, as well as handset metal and wood type that was letterpress printed at Springtide Press. All together it is bound (or not bound) with the hand embroidery that my grandmother loved."
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