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Midnight Moon Press ~ California
(Ginger Burrell)

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Midnight Moon Press: "Ginger’s primary medium is artist’s books. Her work includes photography, monotype and composite imagery and explores a range of topics from the personal, to the political, to the universal."

Nature at work
Personal Stories

50 Shades of Gray
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2015. Edition of 10.

3 x 4"; 6 pages. Bound in gray paper covers. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "When I heard about the book Fifty Shades of Grey, my first thought was of the many beautiful colors in that range. From silvers to onyx the options seem endless. I haven't actually read the book, or seen the movie, but I couldn't resist the idea of making an artist version of 50 Shades!

"The book is wrapped in a delicately printed paper 'corset' which the viewer must unlace to reveal the book inside. I used one of my favorite photos, an image of a bed through a slightly open door, together with a font that best replicated my handwriting for the title. The cover is a textured handmade paper.

"The pages of the book feature 50 circles cut from 50 different paint samples. The names of the paint samples have been re-imagined to better fit the bedroom tableau…. Satin Ties, Lustrous Caress, Midnight Heat. They are written in handwriting so that the viewer may experience the direct hand of the artist."

$45 (Last Copy)
50 Shades of Gray book
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26 Charging Stations
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2014.
Edition of 26 standard; Edition of 5 Deluxe.

Standard edition of 26: 5.75 x 8.75"; 54 pages. 26 original images with an additional section of photos of signage and symbols. Printed on Epson Premium Presentation Paper with archival inkjet inks. Coptic bound with hard covers. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Deluxe edition of 5: Includes standard edition in custom box. Black cloth box enhanced with neon title.

Ginger Burrell: "26 Charging Stations is a contemporary response to Ed Ruscha's seminal artist book 26 Gasoline Stations.

26 Charging Stations features photographs of electric car charging stations taken from the rural areas of Portland, Oregon, to the Central Valley of California, and to the tech hubs in Silicon Valley.

"From underground parking garages at hospitals to suburban libraries, from shopping malls to truck stops, electric charging stations are both interesting and mundane, democratic and elitist."

$250 Standard (Last 2 copies)
$500 Deluxe (Last 2 copies)


26 Charging Stations book
Standard edition
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26 Charging Stations book
Deluxe edition

Assume the Position
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2013. Edition of 25.

3.75 x 6.75" closed, extends to 36"; 20 pages. Accordion fold with pop-up text. Printed with archival inkjet on Rives BFK. Bound in paper-covered boards with paper title label. Signed and numbered by the artist on the colophon.

Ginger Burrell: "Assume the Position was sparked by a trip to Denver. I walked into a full body scanner at airport security and was asked to stand with my feet apart and my arms held up. At that point I realized that we’ve become both victims and assumed criminals in choosing to travel by air.

"We are holding not only the position that a robber would demand, 'put ‘em up,' but also the position of body searches commanded by the police, 'put your hands above your head and spread ‘em.'

"To capture these feelings I photographed people with their hands up from behind and then used digital manipulation to alter the images to evoke the x-rays to which we are now subjected. Finally, I added text with sayings that a TSA agent, a police officer, and a
criminal might say to any of us."

Assume the Position book
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Sandy Hook
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2013. Edition of 100.

5 x 13.5"; 12 pages. Accordion structure. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Fonts are Myriad Pro and Pristina. Original portraits by the artist. Bound in paper covered boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Colophon: "Sandy Hook memorializes the 20 children and 6 staff members killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, on 12/14/12. All profits will be donated to the United Way fund set up to serve the community's needs."

Ginger Burrell: "When the shooting happened I felt compelled to do something. Perhaps it is my 15 years as a pre-school director, perhaps it is the thought of my nieces and nephews who trustingly go off to school every day. Certainly it was because of our short social memory and the way important events fade quickly after they are no longer in the headlines.

"After thinking about how to represent the children and school staff who were killed, I settled on the idea of using teddy bears for the children and apples for the adults.

"After spending several days purchasing individual bears and apples, I began taking the school portraits. It got harder and harder as I worked on the book and taking the group photo left me in tears. I can't help but think of all the group photos those children will never be in: graduation, weddings, and countless family portraits. The photos are laid out in yearbook style and feature the name, birth dates and death dates for each person killed."

Sandy Hook book
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Nature at work

By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2017 - 2019. Standard edition of 25. Special edition of 5.

9.25 x 4.25 x 2.125" wooden hinged box. Boxed divided into two sections by wooden piece. Sections contain coptic bound book on left side and four wooden spheres with accordion books on right side. Sphere books signed and dated. Coptic bound book numbered and signed. Spheres measure 1.5" diameter with each a different color. Each sphere is halved to contain an accordion structure book and has a magnetic closure. Coptic bound book: 4.5 x .25", 64 pages, printed inkjet on Rives BFK paper, Dark Courier font, cloth-covered boards, patterned paper pastedowns.

Special edition includes the boxed set and a full sized book dispenser filled with 200 wooden sphere books in plastic capsules and tokens for redeeming the books.

Ginger Burrell: "Inspired by Yoko Ono's 'Grapefruit,' this boxed set includes a Coptic-bound book with 60 Instructions to Save the Planet. Some sincere, some tongue-in-cheek, some meant to shock the reader into action, these instructions call attention to climate change and the real consequences that we're already beginning to experience. Along with the book are 4 Biospheres, wooden globes with accordion books held together magnetically."

Each action documented is named for the event the artist is challenging the reader to discover.

        Put everything that is
        most important to you
        in one suitcase.
        Carry the suitcase for a week.
        Carry it further inland.

        Bake a 5 layer cake.
        This is what our atmosphere looks like.
        Each layer plays an
        important role.
        Cut a big piece out of
        the middle and eat it.
        See how exposed the plate is?
        We are the crumbs left without protection.

        Design a shorter skirt for the Statue of Liberty.
        Send your design to the National Park Service with a note that your                   design is for the
        coming floods.

$350 standard boxed set
$4500 special edition

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Virtual Reality
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2009. Edition of 25.

11.75 x 9"; 21 leaves. Original images and haiku by the artist. Text printed using Footlight MT Light font. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Japanese stab binding. Paper covered boards with illustrated paper title tipped on front board.

Ginger Burrell: "Virtual/Reality began with a discussion with my niece about the amazing landscapes along the Northern California coast. She told me, 'I don't need to go there, I can just look at pictures on my computer.' In Virtual/Reality haiku, paired with original photographs, argues that virtual will never replace reality."

Is the irony intentional?
Virtual Reality book
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By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2008. Edition of 5.

8 x 8.25 x 2" hinged wooden box with three partitioned sections. Tipped on illustrated title printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. Metal hinged clasp closure. Includes pamphlet: 3.5 x 7.5", 18 pages, with original photographs by the artist printed with archival inkjet on Wausau Royal Fiber and bound with Japanese stab binding and handmade Kozo covers; twelve I" wooden cubes: surfaces covered with photos printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper with a soft gloss finish; and 16 rocks of various hues and sizes collected from Agate Beach, California.

Ginger Burrell: "We walk by them, over them, on them every day. But until we stop and pick them up, touch them and get them wet, we forget the beauty of a simple rock. In a time when most experiences come from viewing rather than doing, this piece reminds us of the joy of simple and abundant objects while at the same time exploring what it takes to make a thing what it is. What makes a rock a rock? Is a photo of a rock a rock? Is a cube with rock photos a rock? Is a rock on a screen a rock? A Japanese stab-bound book features an exploration of the shape and form of rocks and the interaction between them. Rock cubes and real rocks collected in Northern California allow the viewer to become an active participant."
$250 (Last Copy)
Rocks book
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Golden Gate Fog
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2006. Edition of 25.

11 x 9"; 34 leaves. Original photographs by the artist inkjet printed using archival inks onto acid free cardstock. Presented with soundscape recording by Greg Burrell. Post bound with black cloth over boards. Illustrated paper title on front board.

Ginger Burrell: "Long an icon of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge evokes the romance of a time of art deco beauty and the building of grand ideas. Viewed in fog, it becomes mysterious and hints of images and stories just out of reach.

"In Golden Gate Fog, the viewer listens to the rhythmic music of the ocean and fog horn recorded while the photos were taken, while viewing San Francisco as seen through a silken curtain of fog.

"Journey along the coast, through the Presidio, and to various viewpoints of the bridge as you imagine the feel of the cool fog on your skin."

Golden Gate Fog book
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Personal Stories: Infertility, Rape, Fear, Death
One Second of Time has Conveyed to the Mind
a Strange Idea of Insecurity

By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2011. Edition of 10.

9 x 8.75"; 20 pages. Accordion structure. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Font: Chiller. Bound in paper-covered boards of black, gold, and silver Pirouette Marbled Paper.

Ginger Burrell: "[One Second...] is irregularly folded so that from above it alludes to the seismogram. The poetry is also written and presented in seismograph form. The cover paper [is] meant to evoke layers of sedimentary earth.

"The title,
One Second of Time, comes from a quote by Charles Darwin in 1839: 'A bad earthquake at once destroys the oldest associations: the world, the very emblem of all that is solid, has moved beneath our feet like a crust over a fluid; one second of time has conveyed to the mind a strange idea of insecurity, which hours of reflection would never have created.'

"When I am in a big warehouse store, I think about earthquakes. When I walk across a parking structure, I think about earthquakes. When I am on vacation, I think about earthquakes. This book began as an expression of my hyperawareness. I created monoprints with jagged edges and a sense of motion, and then combined them in Photoshop with found, public domain images of earthquake damage. I then combined the imagery with poetry expressing my near obsession with earthquakes."

$150 (Last two copies)
One Second of Time book
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The Heaven Project
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2010. Edition of 25.

14.4 x 9"; 32 pages. Composite images created from original and found photographs. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Post bound in paper covered boards. Illustrated paper title tipped on front board.

Ginger Burrell: "The Heaven Project began during a trip to Yellowstone National Park during the summer of 2009. I came across a rabbit that had been run over and had the thought that bunnies must go to Heaven because obviously they were 'good.' What could a rabbit possibly do that wasn't good? I was not brought up in any specific religion, and my mental picture of Heaven is still the one I've had since I was a little girl kneeling next to my bed with my grandma teaching me the words, 'Now I lay me down to sleep.' I started to wonder where God put all of the people and animals when they go to Heaven. I asked my husband his opinion, and assumed, since he was raised Catholic, that there would be a standard answer. Instead, he told me that he thinks Heaven is individual for each person. That God grants us the Heaven we envision. If there are bunnies in my version of Heaven, then they'll be there. If my grandma is in my version, she'll be there, too. I didn't expect this answer from someone brought up with a particular church doctrine, and I started to wonder. What does each person think their Heaven will look like? I sent out an e-mail to mailing lists and listservs with the above text and asked people to send me a description of their version of Heaven. The replies are generous, trusting and sublime. It has been a gift to be allowed a glimpse into such personal visions."

The Heaven Project includes 11 individual descriptions of heaven, each with a composite photograph created by Burrell.

The Heaven Project book
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Midnight Moon Press Out of Print Title:
The Bees Have Been Brought To Their Knees
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

7.25 x 2 x 2.75" vintage metal USDA Color Standards Measurement device containing two accordion-fold books and 3 glass bottles. Accordion books: 1.5 x 4.5"; 11 pages each; archival inkjet printing on vellum; kozo paper handmade by the artist. Glass vials: 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.5"; screw on caps; contents with images and pellets embedded in beeswax (unique to each vial). Signed by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "Colony Collapse Disorder is the sudden die-off of 30 to 90 percent of bees in a hive with no readily obvious explanation. According to the USDA in 2008, 'There is no crisis.'

"At the same time, the English honey harvest was half of the normal level, and American farmers are worrying whether there will be enough bees to pollinate their crops.

"The Bees Have Been Brought to Their Knees features two accordion-fold books, one explores the importance of honey bees in our agricultural system, and the other explores the potential causes currently identified, including a chemical worth billions in sales to its manufacturer."

(SOLD/Out of Print)
The Bees Have Been Brought To Their Knees book
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Birth / Control
By Ginger Burrell.
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2014. Edition of 10.

5.75 x 8.5"; 42 leaves. Found and altered imagery. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK and laser printing on Strathmore Laser Vellum. Eleven signatures with decorative sleeves. Button-hole stitch binding in a custom slipcase. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Poems by Ginger Burrell with found and altered imagery.

Ginger Burrell: "Birth/Control explores the history and public debate surrounding what should be a private decision between a woman and her doctor.

Birth/Control features eleven signatures, each with an original poem and layered imagery of quotes, birth control methods, and the female reproductive system.

"In between signatures are female silhouettes, not of the stereotypical sexualized form, but of real women, each as individual as the choices she makes."

(SOLD/Out of Print)
Birth / Control book
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Breathe for Those Who Cannot
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2013. Edition of 10.

3.5 x 5.25"; 46 pages. Discarded book pages torn, burned, and reassembled. Coptic stitch binding. Original poetry by the artist. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "My work often deals with difficult issues such as death, violence, and political negligence. I am always impressed at the resilience of the human spirit, especially creativity. No matter the pain, suffering, anger or despair, humans cannot help but create.

"Breathe for Those Who Cannot speaks of the long history of destroying creativity, knowledge and intellect. Inevitably people in power feel threatened by communication, education and emotional connection. This artist’s book explores the hope that by continuing to be creative and, when necessary recreative, we will not only honour those who have lost their lives, but also eventually defeat the idea that destroying books and art, writers and artists, readers and intellectuals is an acceptable way to gain power.

"I tried to imagine the remains of the car-bombed books on Al-Mutanabbi Street. After tearing and burning books of many languages I attempted to reassemble them into new books. Not separated into language or topic but rather reassembled as multi-lingual volumes of humanity and multicultural creativity. Bound together with the poem I wrote for the project, Breathe for Those Who Cannot is dedicated to those who continue to create, especially those who do so in fear of their own lives."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Breathe for Those Who Cannot book
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Dear IRS
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2013. Edition of 8.

3 x 3 x .5"; 94 pages. Coptic bound. Contains an original poem by the artist, play money, scanned images from a credit card offer, printed IRS forms, and found coin images. Paper-covered boards with coin and tie closure. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "Every year we repeat the annual ritual of finding the necessary paperwork, filling out tax forms and, often, writing the dreaded check to the IRS. Who among us hasn’t wished we could send a note instead of a check?"
(SOLD/Out of print)


Dear IRS book
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By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2018. One-of-a-Kind.

16.5 x 15 x 2.75" paperboard house built of drawers, acrylic paint, and miniatures (skeleton, elephant, lamp, mirrors, paper boxes). Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Presented in a clamshell box.

Ginger Burrell: "Elephants explores the hidden secrets and unspoken truths that reside in every home. This piece has 22 drawers and 2 miniature scenes. In each drawer is an accordion book: 19 miniature books with real secrets gathered from around the internet where people can post anonymously, and 2 larger accordion books with poetry written by the artist. One about the elephants in the room. The other about the skeletons in every closet."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Elephants book
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By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2011. Edition of 10.

4.25 x 5.25"; 8 pages. Accordion structure. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK. Bound in cloth-covered boards.

Ginger Burrell: "Like many women, I struggle with infertility. And, like many artists, I make art about those topics which are the hardest and the most important to explore.

"Empty explores infertility using the universal display of family photos. As my mother, my grandmother, and many mothers have before me, I imagined a display on the mantel of photos of my children: baby photos, first-day-of-school photos, graduation and wedding photos. Empty displays the frames sans photos. The lullabies I've hummed countless times to imaginary children weave through the book in a faded, almost transparent soundtrack."

(SOLD/Out of Print)
Empty book
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By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2009. Edition of 10.

4.785 x 4.785 x 2.75" wooden box containing book and photo cubes. Book: 4 x 4"; 18 pages; archival inkjet printing on acid free cardstock; hand bound in case binding. 25 wooden cubes (.75" on a side) with eye photo on each surface. Cover and cube photos printed on HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, matte finish. Images printed from original photographs by the artist. Container: black wooden box, hinged, with metal clasp closure, illustrated paper title on lid.

Ginger Burrell: "Eyes are viewed as windows - we look to them for clues to a person's emotional state, their response to our actions, and their true self behind the social facade. EYES is a photographic experiment in the expressive potential of a single eye. Each image in this book captures an eye in the moment of expression - joy, fear, concern, puzzlement, happiness. In combination, the eyes become pixels, elements of a larger image. This book includes hand-made wooden eye cubes that provide a tactile and interactive experience using eyes as design and narrative building blocks."
(SOLD/Out of Print)


EYES book
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By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2010. Edition of 5.

4.75 x 4.75"; 24 pages. Original photographs by the artist inkjet printed using archival inks onto acid free cardstock. Definitions derived from Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary (2nd edition). Case bound in linen book cloth with unique cover embellishment.

Ginger Burrell: "The sepia-toned photographs create a warm tapestry of hands at work, at play, and in interaction. By focusing solely on the hands, the images capture emotion as expressed in body language. Each photograph has a unique story reflected in definitions of hand-related words."
(SOLD/Out of Print)
Hands book
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I'm Telling You Now
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2011. Edition of 10.

4.25 x 5.25"; 8 pages. Accordion structure with simple pop-up. Archival inkjet printing on Rives BFK.

Ginger Burrell: "I am the 'one in four women who will experience sexual violence in their lifetime,' I am a survivor of rape. I tell my story because it is not a secret. I did nothing wrong and, if I tell you, we share the responsibility and the weight of it. I don't have to shoulder it all by myself any longer.

"I'm Telling You Now emphasizes the power of secrets and the way that we keep them — because of the shame and the fear that we were somehow responsible.

"When I shared this book during my BFA show, women came up to me and told me their stories, right there in the gallery. Women called me days later and told me their stories. They said things like, 'I've never told anyone, but I know you will understand.' And by telling each other our stories, I realized in those moments that we were taking away the power of the people who hurt us."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

I'm Telling You Now book
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King George
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2006. One-of-a-Kind.

6.5 x 3.5"; 8 playing cards. Mixed media artists' book. Materials: tin hinged box, playing cards, polymer clay, metal rings, bookcloth, paper. Archival inkjet printing on vellum. Accordion fold jump ring construction. Signed and dated by artist on bottom of metal container. Laid in clamshell box with playing card faces around edges.

This artists’ book features “Bush-isms.” Sayings that were widely collected during the presidency of George W. Bush.

Ginger Burrell: "In September 2001, for a fleeting moment the majority of the world was united in the common purpose of defending humanity and defeating terror.

"President Bush chipped away at this solidarity. His behavior, words, and policies affected not only the American people, but also the citizens of the larger world.

"As we passed the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, we wondered how long will we suffer the consequences of President Bush and his choices? What was at first a funny book has become a worrisome reminder.

"King George was chosen for the 'From Sham to Shame' show at the Woman Made Gallery in Chicago in 2007. King George was also selected for the '6th Annual Juried Book Arts Exhibit' at Bright Hill Press in New York in 2007."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

King George book
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Loves Me / Not
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2011. Edition of 10.

1.75 x 5.25 x 1.75"; 12 pages. Archival inkjet printed on Rives BFK. Bound in cloth boards with black ribbon tie.

Ginger Burrell: "We've all felt them, the rollercoaster ups of being in love and the screaming downs of being hurt. Loves Me / Not is a collection of real stories gathered from women of all ages about times that they felt loved and times that they felt hurt, betrayed, and left behind. The stories are tender, poignant, and funny.

"The accordion book has fold-up leaves to create a pocket, and features the reoccurring motif of a daisy – who hasn't plucked those petals at least once? The structure is printed so that when the stories are pulled out, the daisies are still complete. The closed book is tied with a black ribbon, recalling old stacks of love letters."

(SOLD/Out of Print)
Loves Me / Not book
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Ode to Anne Atkins
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2010. Edition of 10.

2.75 x 5.25"; 13 leaves. Fourteen cyanotypes on Rives BFK (12 individual leaves, 2 cover images). Bound in an envelope fan book.

Prospectus: "Ode to Anna Atkins is my homage to women artists in general and Anna Atkins in particular. Anna Atkins was raised by her scientist father and was encouraged from an early age in making images with a scientific theme – first in drawings and engravings and later in photography. Her friendship with William Fox Talbot gave her access to the 'photogenic drawing technique' in which an object is placed on paper coated with light sensitive emulsion (Now called cyanotype.). Some say that Anna Atkins was the first female photographer.

Ginger Burrell: "I was fortunate enough to see Anna Atkins’ book, British Algae, while I was in New York. Though made in 1843, the images are still clear, beautiful, and delicate. I was thrilled with Anna Atkins book when I first saw photos of it in Art History. Having the opportunity to actually see it in person – a highlight of my trip to New York.

"My artists’ book is an ode to Anna Atkins using cyanotypes of flowers of Northern California. I just couldn’t get excited about algae. ...[There are] tiny little details visible in each cyanotype. The trick, press and dry the flowers first. Fresh flowers have too much dimensionality and create shadows in the cyanotypes. Very flat, very dry flowers are as effective as a digital negative.

"... I thought a clean blue background would be too one-dimensional with the flat white so instead of applying the cyanotype solution in a meticulous bi-directional two layered process, I used a sponge brush, only brushed in one direction and let the solution pool slightly in some areas. ... The actual cyanotypes have more of a subtle morphing of color between areas. ... I love the process and the sound of the water while rinsing the images. It’s kind of like having one of those little fountains in the kitchen – it just happens to have photos in it."

(SOLD/Out of Print)

Ode to Anne Atkins book
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Paper Dolls
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2015. Edition of 10.

3.5 x 4.5"; 66 leaves. Altered book using "The Complete Book of Sewing" by Constance Talbot (1943). Collage and sewing. Coptic binding. Materials: recycled book pages, pattern papers, thread. Arhival inkjet printed cotton. Laid in custom clamshell box (4.5 x 5.5 x3.25") with sides and interior covered in dressmaking pattern paper. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "Paper Dolls began as a feminist manifesto about the role of women in society past and the ever present attempts to return women to that role. In the entire book, The Complete Book of Sewing by Constance Talbot (1943), there was only one photograph of a man sewing and he was listed as the expert. Over time, however, Paper Dolls became a sentimental journey through my childhood. As I wrote the poetry, I realized that so much of how I make art now was influenced by the time I spent then with my mother imagining, designing, and creating clothing. Every trip to the fabric store was a lesson in color theory, textures, and attention to detail. Sensory memories of whispery pattern paper, the whirring sewing machine and being pricked with pins, still in the garment, began to rearrange my ideas.

"The finished book is multi-layered with original poetry printed on cotton patterned fabric, pages made of layered pattern paper, and pages of the original book."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Paper Dolls book
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Public Privacy
By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2015. Edition of 10.

Two-section divided box with book and slide viewer. Book: 2.25 x 2.25"; 12 photographic slides in pocket pages; 32 page pamphlet stitch book; accordion envelope structure; paper button and thread closure. Box: 5 x 5 x 2.75 x 3"; paper covered; hinged lid; button and thread closure. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Ginger Burrell: "Public Privacy examines the tension between our need for privacy and the transparency of modern life.

"Just as our windows allow us to see out during the day, at night they become view screens to the passerby. Our devices allow us great personal freedom, but at what personal cost? Whether through open curtains or social media posting our permission to watch is implicit. In an age of Facebook, Instagram and Google Earth how is it that we have any expectation of privacy at all?

Public Privacy highlights the way that we have made our lives more accessible by virtue of the devices, companies, and services that surround us. Whether by the cameras on our tablets, game consoles, and computers; by the GPS trackers in our phones and cars;
or by the data gathering of our entertainment and shopping choices, our lives have become open books."

(SOLD/Out of Print)
Public Privacy book
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By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2015. Edition of 10.

Box containing 5 glass test tubes. Box: 5.75 x 7 x1.5"; cloth covered; button and tie closure; metal corner guards at bottom; metal title label. Test tubes: 1" diameter, 6.25" high with cork stopper. Title tags: 1.5 x 1" with book title inserted. Numbered on cover label.

Ginger Burrell: "It is not hard to imagine, in a not-so-distant future, a time when all but a few physical books have been destroyed. Perhaps to make room for more people, perhaps because everything has been digitized, or perhaps because they are no longer valued.

Reliquary represents the rarity of the last remaining paper copies. As with the fragments of the holy, the volume is too precious for anyone to hold in its entirety. Instead, small preserved pieces are parsed out to those most suitable to protect them, or those wealthy enough to acquire public treasure for private use.

Reliquary features 5 different books, 50 titles in total. Books are library discards that are shredded and displayed in glass test tubes with a cork stopper, sealed with beeswax, and tied with tag titles cut from the original books. Each set of 5 test tubes is presented in a display case."
(SOLD/Out of Print)
Reliquary book
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By Ginger Burrell
Morgan Hill, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2017.
Second Printing Edition of 20.

8.75 x 11.5"; 23 leaves + front flyleaf. Printed on white vellum and Epson Premium Presentation paper with laser toner and archival inkjet. The font is Consolas. Bound in quarter cloth hard cover with screw post binding. Presented in a white sheet case. Signed and numbered by the artist. The photograph "White Supremacists March with Torches in Charlottesville" is used with permission and by licensing agreement of Getting Images/Anadolu Agency.

Ginger Burrell: "Un[Hood]ed examines the alarming audacity demonstrated by white supremacists in the United States. Once hidden under homemade white robes, today's alt-right members feel emboldened, empowered, and unafraid of the consequences of their racism. They no longer feel that they have to hide their identities.

"Un[Hood]ed looks at the direct and indirect messages from President Donald Trump to white nationalists. While he frequently claims ignorance of such a movement, his behavior and language tell another story.

"Un[Hood]ed documents Donald Trump's actions and own words from 1973, when his firm was charged with housing discrimination, to his administration's dismissal of the 2017 mosque bombing; a pattern that leads to the Charlottesville Riots. It documents Donald Trump's encouragement of aggression and downright violence towards anyone who isn't part of the 'right' side and his sympathy for people who 'love their country' so much that they have to hurt others."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Un[Hood]ed book
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Will They Remember
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2010. Edition of 10.

3.25 x 4.25" closed; 6.5" circular opened; 6 two-layer double-page spreads. Star-shaped accordion fold book. Original cloud photographs printed digitally with archival HP inks. Images of leaves on the exterior layer of pages. Bound in green cloth-covered boards with illustration of leaves printed on both boards. Organza ribbon tie.

Ginger Burrell: "Will They Remember evokes the vivid sensory memories of our childhoods and asks if today's children will have the same memories."
(SOLD/Out of Print)


Will They Remember book
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You've Come a Long Way, Baby
By Ginger Burrell
San Jose, California: Midnight Moon Press, 2008. One-of-a-Kind.

Pink purse (10.75 x 9.5 x 2.75" with handles and zipper closure) with contents of cigarette box, matchbook, ashtray, and handkerchief. Mixed media. Found photographs and ephemera.

  • 2 x 4" Benson & Hedges 100's DeLuxe Ultra Lights flip top cigarette box containing accordion book (2 x 3.75", 16 pages, signed by artist)
  • 2.5 x 1.5 x .5" Silent Butler ashtray holding 31 page flip book. Signed by artist.
  • 2 x 2" matchbook with flip out closure. Printed text on exterior. Signed by artist.
  • 6.5 x 6.5 " handkerchief, ink jet printed text. Folded in triangles. Slipped in interior zipper pocket. Signed by the artist.

Housed in 12.5 x 10 x 3" white box with removable lid.

Ginger Burrell: "You've Come a Long Way, Baby was inspired by an ashtray I found in my grandma's things after she passed away. You can see the ashtray, open, in the middle, with the little flip book in it. The ashtray, called a Silent Butler, was named after the device used in the late 1800s to collect table crumbs and ashes. The cigarette pack has an accordion book inside with vintage advertisements, aimed at women, from the early 1900s to the 1970s juxtaposed with passages from medical books from the same timeframe. There is a paragraph from a 1960's era medical book that informs ladies that, although they probably won't feel like smoking for the first three months of their pregnancies, they'll be fine to resume in the next trimester.

"The book in the Silent Butler ashtray is a flip book with a girl about the age my grandmother was when she started smoking. She is holding a cigarette and as you flip the pages her lungs change from pink to an unhealthy shade. It ends, perhaps a bit melodramatically, with a gravestone.

"The matchbook has a vintage ad on the back and stats on the front about a depressing term called YPLL: Years Per Life Lost. In the case of smokers, the CDC estimates YPLL of 12 years per person.

"The last element, a handkerchief made using printable cotton, features the colophon dedicated to my grandma, Virginia Elizabeth Ginn."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

You've Come a Long Way, Baby book
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