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Peter Newland ~ Washington
(Pied Typer Press)


Peter Newland was first a collector of artists’ books but he was so intrigued with the versatility of this art genre he became a bookmaker himself. Even though his professional career was in the family construction business he has always had an “arty” side as one of his college degree majors was theater. He recently gave a talk on his Viet Nam related work at the University of Puget Sound which included words about artists’ books in general. Here’s a link to the presentation text.

Adrift on the Pandemic Sea
ByPeter Newland, Robyn Johnson, Flynn Elde-Sylvester
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2023. Edition of 4 hardcover, 4 softcover.

9 x 12"; 4 pages. Colophon: "Layout & printing in InDesign by Gramma Robyn Johnson. Concept, text & mechanics by Peter Newland aka Grampa Peanut. Illustrations by Grandson: Flynn Elde-Sylvester, at age 8. Digitally printed on an Epson SC900 on Moab Lasal Matte paper. Four unique folio copies numbered 1-4 and four unique hard cover versions lettered A-D were produced. The hard cover versions are contained in a protective cover of Cave Paper and include two of Elde-Sylvester's original drawings" Signed on the colophon by the three collaborators.

"Adrift on the Pandemic Sea" was produced at Tarboo Studio for the 2023 Puget Sound Book Artists annual member exhibit themed "Collaboration". "Adrift" was created through the efforts of two grandparents and their grandson.

Grandson Flynn spent second and most of his third grade years in front of a computer at home. COVID kept him and his classmates isolated. During this time Flynn was asked by his Gramma how he was feeling. Flynn often expresses himself by drawing pictures so he announced “I need to go draw”. His drawing responses run across the top of the interior two pages. Certainly they reflect all of our pent up emotions concerning isolation and the pandemic. The faces range from a caption of “Sometimes I wonder” to “Should I zip My lips” and “or laugh until I cry?”. The captions were written by Grandparents Robyn and Peter but Flynn had final approval.

Peter Newland, “Adrift” text: “Many media commentators searching for a Covid metaphor claimed we were in ‘uncharted waters and all in the same boat’. In truth there is virtually no significant body of water on earth that has not been meticulously documented.

“Covid was a time when many were simply lost and bereft of how to chart a path forward … As the world worried that a sniffle or fever might be Covid, hand sanitizer and self-testing became all the rage and along with disposable protective gear from hospital isolation wards, tons of Covid related disposable materials entered the waste stream. Some of it flowed ‘downstream’ and is now adrift in our oceans.”

Using the metaphor of a boat on uncharted waters Newland has included a pop-up boat in the middle of a chart of water. As he states at the end “We all hope better days are ahead and our boat returns safely to shore.

$75 Soft paper cover
$200 Hard cover
$250 Set of the two

Adrift on the pandemic Sea hardcover book
Hard cover
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Adrift on the pandemic Sea papercover book
Soft paper cover
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Marble Math
a tactile experience for Adults

By Peter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2022. Edition of 5.

Custom wood box with paper title label on lid, metal clasp closure. Contains 24 white oak blocks covered with marble papers. Includes 12 page explanatory booklet, printed on an Epson 3880 by Robyn Johnson with wrapper of Kraft-Tone cover weight from French Paper in Niles, MI. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Marble Math” is a continuation of the Newland’s fascination with the potential of wood blocks for exploration and teaching. Three unique block assemblies preceded this current iteration. Version 2, “A Box of Marbles” in the series is in the collection of Michigan State University and Version III at the University of Southern California. “Marble Math

Introduction: "Toy blocks have been around for centuries and from a historical perspective almost always been considered a tool for toddlers. Early examples focused on the alphabet and numbers. Lessons in massing, dimensions, symmetry, mathematics, and gravity came along for the ride. … “The introduction of coverings of marbled papers adds additional areas of inquiry including the study of patterns, color, and geometry.

“The object of 'Marble Math Blocks' is to just start playing and see where it leads you. The wrapper for this booklet is the 'Play Board.' Unfold it and start with some of the suggested exercises. As you begin to manipulate the blocks you'll likely have your own ideas and questions.

“Perhaps you’ll be intrigued by the changing patterns, or the interaction of color, or the suggestion of geometric forms.”

Marble Math book
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Philatelic Riddles
By Peter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2018. Edition of 4 + 1 AP.

3.75 x 5.5"; 20 pages. Includes a scorecard, press clipping, digital stamp collage and 10 original stamps adhered as illustration. Digitally printed on Revere Book ivory paper. Case bound in brown cloth boards with paper title label on front board and original stamp as illustration. In paper slipcase with slip and slot closure. Numbered and signed by the artist.

Peter Newland: "Philatelic Riddles is a nod to the postal service for their faithful recording of U. S. history and a lighthearted reminder of the people, places, and events that have touched our lives."

"Philatelic Riddles" is a volume of ten original riddles with 1969 commemorative U. S. postage stamp answers.

Introduction: "The stamps in Philatelic Riddles were obtained at a garage sale – someone's unfinished business. Each was issued in 1969 as a United States commemorative. They cover a wide range of topics and could prompt a desire for further research."

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ByPeter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2014. Open numbered edition.

7.5 x 6"; 14 pages. Photos and text by the artist. Photo negatives scanned and processed by Robyn Johnson. Digitally printed in Atilla font. Bound in glossy white boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Peter Newland, Prologue: "The song Bui-Doi opens the second act of Miss Saigon, the twelfth longest running show in Broadway musical theater history. Bui-Doi roughly translates to 'street children.' The song proclaims they are 'the dust of life.'

"I served in Vietnam with the United States Army 4th Transportation Command in 1970-71, stationed first in Saigon and later at Long Bihn. Our commanding officer encouraged us to volunteer for 'service projects.' I did, helping among other things to construct a shed roof over the kitchen patio at Go-Vap Orphanage. There were many orphanages throughout South Vietnam during the war years. Many still exist today. In 1975, after Saigon fell, Vietnam was 'reunified' and the city was renamed Hoh Chi Minh city. The new regime ordered all orphanages to burn their records, thus turning to ashes the history of the children who had been helped to survive.

"I did not understand the language or much about the children whose photographs are here. But we shared a common bond around survival. I know what has happened to my life. I still wonder what has happened to theirs."

Colophon: "The photos and text are by Specialist 4th Class, Donald Peter Newland, SS# xxx-xx-xxx6, United States Army, honorably discharged. The photos were taken and developed by the author in country during his 1970 tour of duty."
$50 (Last 2 copies)

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Moonlight Circus
By Peter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2011. Edition of 26.

Of the edition 1 -7 deluxe, 8 - 26 standard. Signed by the artist.

5.5 x 4.5"; 16 pages. Flutter book construction. Printed digitally on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 onto archival Moab Entrada Rag Natural 190 paper. Bound with paper covered boards and bookcloth spine. In a paper slipcase with window to reveal the title from the front board.

8.5 x 4.75 x 2.5" custom-made box with book, vintage lead figures, and fold out circus ring. Book: Moonlight Circus bound in cloth and has marbled end papers. Fold out: 8.5 x 4.75" closed, 8.5 x 9.5" open, with display of circus ring in red and yellow cloth. Figures: three antique lead figures fitted in bottom of box. There are seven acts in this circus, each with 3 figures. [For example, the "Boxing Kangaroo" is made up of the kangaroo and two clowns; the "Clown Riding Elephants" of one clown and two elephants. See the "Moonlight Circus Deluxe Box Configurations" for the available acts.] Only one set of each act available; hence, each deluxe is unique. Box covered in black and gold bookcloth with illustration tipped on lid. Each box custom-made to accommodate the specific lead figures.

Short story and images by Peter Newland using vintage lead figures. Bound so as to be displayed in a star-shape.

Peter Newland: "The images were created photographing my Britain's Mammoth Circus lead figures using shadow puppet theatre techniques. It is a short story about a small troupe travelling the back roads of early America and their encounter with a full moon."

Standard $80
Deluxe $750 (Last Copy - Tiger)

Standard Version
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Deluxe Version
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Pied Typer Press Out of Print Title:
A Box of Marbles
[Version 2]

By Peter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2013. One-of-a-kind.

11.75 x 9.5 x 2" hinged wooden box. Contains 41 paper-covered blocks of varying sizes and one round marble. 7.25 x 5.25" pocket portfolio of additional marbled paper samples. Signed and dated by Newland.

A Box of Marbles, Colophon: "In 2007 artists Andrea Peterson, co-operator of Hook Pottery Paper, assembled a Marbling Portfolio. It was offered at the annual online auction to benefit the magazine Hand Papermaking.

"The Portfolio included partial sheets showcasing an incredible range of marbling techniques by sixteen artists. The remaining sheets were included as a working portfolio for use by the purchaser. In 2011, using the offcuts, Peter Newland created A Box of Marbles .... a pun on one favored childhood game and an ode to another.

"This unique set includes 41 white oak blocks, each covered with one of the various papers, and one actual marble. The pieces have many uses, including the study of patterns and color; as traditional building blocks; or as an engaging mathematical exercise, such as discovering how many different placements the marble can have while maintaining the original rectangular form. As with the original portfolio, the remaining marble papers are included and await yet another transformation."

The marbled paper samples are matched to their respective artists as part of the explanation that is in the lid of the box. Sixteen artists and their papers are represented.

The first version of A Box of Marbles was made for Hand Papermaking's 2012 annual online auction.

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Bui-Doi / Did You See What I Saw?
By Peter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2014 / 2016. Open Numbered / Edition of 13.

Set of two Books:
Bui-Doi: Open numbered edition. 7.5 x 6"; 14 pages. Photos and text by the artist. Photo negatives scanned and processed by Robyn Johnson. Digitally printed in Atilla font. Bound in glossy white boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Did You See What I Saw? Edition of 13. 7.5 x 10" double-sided lightweight sheet with pocket containing 15 postcards (4 x 6"). Front side design to look like soldier's uniform pocket with magnet button closure and title on name bar. Back side image of "Commander's Monthly Review."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

Did You See What I Saw?
ByPeter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2016. Edition of 13.

7.5 x 10" double-sided lightweight sheet with pocket containing 15 postcards (4 x 6"). Front designed to look like soldier's uniform pocket with magnet button closure and title on name bar. Back side image of "Commander's Monthly Review."

Peter Newland, Preface: "During the [Vietnam] war our unit's job was to hand produce a cargo tracking tome called the Commander's Monthly Review and to prepare charts, overhead transparencies, and illustrations for the Colonel's briefings. The poster pictured on the front of this card was an attempt to interject some humor into mostly serious business. We make no claim to being prescient and frankly can't explain why now travel to Vietnam is all the rage.

"It is unlikely that today's tour guides point out that there are 58,267 names on our Vietnam War Memorial. A wall for Vietnamese soldiers would need to be at least twice as long. Nearly two million civilians in North and South Vietnam lost their lives. We dropped more bombs during the Vietnam War than on all of Europe during World War II. When we retreated, we left behind a broken and traumatized country, strewn with our garbage and whose soil we deliberately poisoned. Nearly half a century later, the negative effects of our actions still trouble the citizens of a unified and independent Vietnam, a country that never was a threat to America.

"Hopefully today's travelers won't gloss over what went on there just five decades ago. If they do, these
Did You See What I Saw? postcards might jog their memory."
(SOLD/Out of Print)

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