Bui-Doi / Did You See What I Saw?

ByPeter Newland
Quilcene, Washington: Pied Typer Press, 2014 / 2016. Open Numbered / Edition of 13.

Set of two Books:
Bui-Doi: Open numbered edition. 7.5 x 6"; 14 pages. Photos and text by the artist. Photo negatives scanned and processed by Robyn Johnson. Digitally printed in Atilla font. Bound in glossy white boards. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Did You See What I Saw?Edition of 13. 7.5 x 10" double-sided lightweight sheet with pocket containing 15 postcards (4 x 6"). Front side design to look like soldier's uniform pocket with magnet button closure and title on name bar. Back side image of "Commander's Monthly Review."
$225 (Last 3 copies)