Matthew Aron - Columbia College
A Dictionary of Reading (Sold)

Lucy Brank - Iowa, Center for the Book
Rimbaud / Verlaine (Sold)

Katrin Kapp Braun - Univ. of Alabama

Shana Broderick - Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Dream Keeper (Sold)

Sarah Bryant - Univ. of Alabama
Point of View

Jenny Craig - Philadelphia, Univ. of the Arts
Sewers (Last Two Copies)

Keiko Ishii Eckhardt - California College of Arts & Crafts
The Big River (Edition copy)

Brandon Graham - Columbia College, Chicago
The Least Painful Compromise
Six chapbooks:
   The Decision
        The Dinner Party
        The Eulogy
        The Visit

Friedrich Kerksieck - Univ. of Alabama
When We Broke the Microscope

Joseph Lappie - Columbia College, Chicago
The Articifer Arisen, The Articifer Fallen

Daniel Mellis - Columbia College, Chicago
de brevitate vitae (sold)

Tara O’Brien - Philadelphia, University of the Arts
Little Goose

Pamela Olson - Iowa, Center for the Book
Rear Window

Sara Owen - University of Alabama
Ave Alabama (Sold)

Jessica Peterson - Univ. of Alabama
Cause & Effect (Sold)       

Amy Pirkle - Univ. of Alabama
Fragments (Sold)      

Amanda Small - Kansas State University
On the Winds (Sold)

Laura M. Thomson - Univ. of Alabama
Our Acreage and Lux Carnis

Emily Tipps - University of Alabama
Anything from Anywhere

Jessica White - Iowa, Center for the Book
Secrets (Sold)

Liz Wolf - Columbia College
Serious Endeavors

Archetype Press - Art Center College of Design

Otis Laboratory Press - Otis College of Art & Design
Homage to Object

Scripps College Press - Scripps College
Word (SOLD)