Anagram/Springtide Presses – Washington
Gun Shy (Sold)
Night Song (Sold)
Signed Sealed Soapbox (Sold)

Alex Appella – Argentina
pacha mama

Ginger Burrell – California
Dear IRS (Last 2 copies)

Byopia Press – Canada
Lucky Stars

Lin Charlston – England
My Body Creaked

Coracle Press – Ireland
The Book Remembers Everything
Driven Out, Ditched, & Deserted

Carol Es – California
Today’s Quandry

Cuneiform Press – Texas
The Books to Come
What is? By Johanna Drucker

Deep Wood Press - Michigan

Elliott Press – Washington
A Strange Case of Alchemical Munificence

Brandon Graham – Illinois
Quote – un quote

Rebecca Goodale – Maine
Eight Clones

John Hastings – Washington
Thoughts from the Throne
What's the Word (Sold)
When you were a girl

Paul Johnson - England
Where is Between? (Sold)
The Pop-Up Unabridged History of the World (Sold)

Joan Lyons – New York
Mown I'd the tome

Clifton Meador - Illinois
Palpung Parkhang
Kandze Village

Melanie Mowinski – Massachusetts
In the Woods
My Little Soul

Charlotte Murray – Washington
Partly Cloudy (Sold)

Heidi Neilson – New York
Long Island City Sundial Field Guide
Stargazing by Microscope (Sold)

Bea Nettles – Illinois
Time’s Traces (Sold)

Papyrus Productions – New York
Mali Photo
Taxi Bamako

Preacher’s Biscuits Books – New York
The Ground

Red Hydra Press – Alabama
The Breather

Maryann Riker – New Jersey
BUTTon Book
Star Book (Sold)

Jenna Rodriguez – Illinois
This is Your Ticket!

Small Craft Advisory Press – Florida
Carte Blanche
Key of the Octozoid

Springtide Press – Washington
Damn Good Coffee (Sold)
Cherry Pie
You are the icing on my cake (Sold)

Jamie Weaver – Illinois
Black Lung (Sold)