Tia Blassingame

Marching Lost

Coracle Press
Construction Storage Despatc
Mr S Mills visits the Kroller-Muller
My Ironmongery (Sold)
The Translated Latrine Inscriptions

Rachel Curry
Types & Faces

Dead Feminist Series
Estados Dividos (Sold)
Save our ship (Sold)

Frank Hamrick

John Hastings
A Caregiver’s Garden
Bite the Bullet (Last Copy)
Low Man on the Totem Pole

Josh Hockensmith
Sierra Suite (Sold)
Stitching speechless (facsimile)

Christopher Maddox
Fake Art!

Clifton Meador
Crossing the Oxus
Dzogchen Village Home
Legal Cuban Cigar
Long Slow March
Whiskey Defense

Catherine Michaelis
(May Day Press)
The Scientist

Louise Neaderland
Trump Wallpaper Borders
Where Could the Dark Matter Be?

Bea Nettles
Eager (Sold)

Red Butte Press
Invisible shores

Maryann Riker
(justarip press)

Zines on Women’s Health Issues

Carol Schwartzott
The Blind Men and the Elephant
The Nightingale
Shades of Autumn
The Shaw Festival Garden
A Winter Song

Clarissa Sligh
Transforming Hate

Sarah Smith
Posers International

San Francisco Center for the Book
&I’m Leaving
A Nice Cup of Tea (Sold)

Stephen Sidelinger
Iconology (Sold)

Jessica Spring
Anchored (Sold)
Friendly Borders (Sold)

Marnie Powers-Torrey
Roadside Attractions

Susan Viguers
(Shandy Press)
Surviving Genocide

Philip Zimmerman
Long Story Short
Sanctus Sonorensis