Islam Aly
The Square

Arcadian Press & sailorBOYpress
Martyr Mercury Rooster

Nava Atlas
Why You Can’t Get Married

Lynne Avadenka
Lamentations (Last Copy)

Eileen Boxer
Report US

Ginger Burrell
Assume the Position
Public Privacy
un[hood]ed (Sold)

Stephanie Copoulos-Selle
If Only (Sold)

Cheri Gaulke
Marriage Matters

Malini Gupta
Unfolding Patterns of Atrocities

Fred Hagstrom
Bravo (Last 2 copies)
When Men Are Hungry (Last 3 Copy)

Karen Hanmer
The Model Architect: the Panic of ’09

Haybarn Press
Open the Gates
Opposed to Indifference

Art Hazelwood
Tora Bora

Frances Jetter
Street of Booksellers

Larkspur Press
The Recruiters

Scott McCarney
Saints & Sinners

Clifton Meador
Long Slow March

Allison Milham
Uluhaimalama Legacies of Lili'uokalani

Barbara Milman
The Holocaust Series set (Last 3 sets)

Jeffrey Morin
The White Maiden Male

Peter Newland
Bui-Doi / Did You See What I Saw? Set

Bonnie Thompson Norman
Ballot Box
Homeland Security

Maryann Riker
The Underground Railroad
The Women’s Suffrage Movement

John Risseeuw
Arms Trade (Sold)

Tom Scarpino
Political Terms
Racial Profiling

Short Twig Press
Unbound (Sold)

Claire Siepser

Robbin Ami Silverberg
Bread Head Fables
Mourning Prayer

Clarissa Sligh
Transforming Hate
Wrongly Bodied

Jessica Spring
An Inflammatory Guide

C. David Thomas
Agent Orange
Postage Due Forever Stamps

Todd Thyburg
American Manifesto

Ann Tyler
Billy Rabbit

VCUArts Bowe House Press

Jessica White
The Bad Sparrow

Dave Wood
Excerpts from Chief Seattle’s Peace Treaty

Philips Zimmerman
Sanctus Sonorensis