Alice Austin – Pennsylvania
Box of Happiness

R. D. Burton–Maryland
Dexterity Crustasea (Sold)

Julie Chen – California
Family Tree (Sold)
Personal Paradigms (Sold)

Circle Press – England
(Ronald King)

Anansi Company (Sold)

Anne Covell – California
Natural Order - A Game of Pairs

Jenny Craig – Washington
Fromage & Friends (Sold)
Gluckhaus (Sold)

Casey Gardner – California

Karen Hanmer – Illinois
America's Most Wanted
Big River

Lyall F. Harris – Virginia
Just One Look (Sold)

John R. Hastings – Washington
Pick 10 (Sold)

Helen Hiebert Studio – Colorado
(Helen Hiebert)

Pop-Up Hand Shadow Book

Ellen Knudson – Florida
Subject / Verb / Object

Land Marks Press – Michigan
(Lynne Avadenka)

The Solutions to Brian's Problem

Carolyn Leigh – Arizona
House of Cards

Angela Lorenz – Massachusetts and Italy
Uncle Wiggly Meets the Pilgrim's Progress

Emily Martin – Iowa
Family Game (Last Copy)

Dan Mayer – Arizona
Book Arts JargonatoR (Sold)

Lise Melhorn-Boe – Canada
Anything Can Happen (Sold)
Once Upon a Time (Sold)

Cathryn Miller – Canada

Barbara Milman – California
Winners and Losers

Maria G. Pisano – New Jersey
Tunnel Kit Books:
The Phoenix

Catya Plate – New York
Clothespin Tarot (Sold)

Claire Siepser – California
Play (Sold)

Small Craft Advisory Press – Florida
(Denise Bookwalter, Director)

Lake + Cloud

Mark Addison Smith – Illinois
No.1: homocardia (Sold)
No.2: understain (Sold)

Jessica Spring – Washington
Daniel Hudson Burham

C. David Thomas – Massachusetts
Agent Orange

Nikki Thompson – California
Days Without (Sky)

Torn Paper Press - Washington
(Lynn Agnew & Mary Jeanne Linford)

Food for Thought (Last Copy)

Thomas Parker Williams – Pennsylvania
The Paper Enigma (Last Copy)