Bay Park Press - California
The ABC of Yiddish (Sold)

Bright Idea Books - Israel
Countdown to Perfection Meditations on the Sefirot (Sold)

Dobbin Books - New York
Mourning Prayer

Éditions Roselin - Canada
Le 6 Avril 1944 (sold)

Dan Riis Grife - Texas
Birds of the Sky
Legends of Tanakh (sold)

Hawkhaven Press - California
Yehudhith (sold)

Haybarn Press - New York
from Elephants by Night
The Cushite (Last three copies)
Lillith (Last three copies)
Miriam (Last three copies)

Gloira Helfgott - California
L'Chaim (sold)

Land Marks Press - Michigan
By a Thread
Dan Pagis: Six Poems (Last Copy)
Grandpa Isidore Amos Oz
An Only Kid (Sold)
Root Words (Sold)

Larkspur Press - Kentucky
Israel Journal (sold)

Ann Lovett - New York
Remains (sold)

Red Parrot Press - California


Transient Books - Argentina
The János Book

Ziggurat Press - Rhode Island
Babii Yar (Last 3 copies)