Art Jazz - California
International Women's Days

Alice Austin - Pennsylvania
Red, Yellow, Blue

Byopia Press - Canada

Ch'An Press - Washington DC
Asian American ? Project

Chimera Press - Illinois
God's Country

Deconstructed Artichoke Press - California
Disconnected Constellations
Pitbull on Trial (Sold)

Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret - Canada
Electronic City (Sold)

Everyday Press - New York
The Residue of a Moment...

fernwerks press - Minnesota
Household Objects

Brandon Graham - Illinois

Karen Hanmer - Illinois
Big Blue
Flip Farm

John Hastings - Washington
Read 'em & Weep (Sold)

ilfant Press - Pennsylvania

Inky Press Productions - Illinois
28 Days: A Deck of Cards

Paul Johnson - England
The Book Chair (Sold)
The Grand Canyon (Sold)

Littoral Press - California
Catalog Shopping: Precepts for Enhanced    Living
Dear John or, The Importance of Punctuation (Last Copy)
A Bouquet of Pheasants (Last Copy)

Angela Lorenz - Italy
The Theater of Nature or Curiosity Filled         the Cabinet

May Day Press - Washington
Invocation to the Water Spirit
Old Flames Mismatched. True Stories of         Extinguished Love

Naughty Dog Press - Iowa
Crime and Romance (Sold)
The Family Game
Vicious Circle #6

Nomadic Press - Arizona
Election 2000 Jargonator

Notta Pixie Press - Washington

P. S. Press - Pennsylvania
The Book of Neglects (Sold)

Papyrus Productions - New York
Memoire D'une Voyage En Oceanie

Sara R. Parr - Minnesota
Mirror (Sold)

Primitive Press - Arkansas
Drive by Shootings

Quite Contrary Press - California
The Coffee Diary (Sold)

Tom Scarpino - California
Connecting the Dots
Racial Profiling

Springtide Press - Washington
Four Elements

Lex Thompson - Minnesota
Greetings from Colma

Richard Troncone - California
Accordion Book of Accordions

Twilight Press - Washington
be the change

Ral Veroni - Argentina
Struggle for Life (Lucha Por La Vida)

Beata Wehr - Arizona

Stella Whalley - England