Erika Adams - Canada
Just Before Dawn (Sold)
Would (Sold)

Kathe Beste - Illinois
Coses Petites / Little Things (Sold)

Ginger Burrell - California
50 Shades of Gray (Last Copy)
Will They Remember? (Sold)

Jenny Craig - Washington
Dating (Sold)

Simon Cutts & Erica Van Horn - Ireland
I Always Have an Audience for my Work
Modern Dutch Interiors (Sold)
Natural Cheese
The Translated Latrine Inscriptions

Christopher Davenport - Alabama
Brother Baldessari
Minimalist Program

Margaret Davis - Oregon
Chinese Dreams

Sandra C. Davis - Pennsylvania
Along the Way (Sold)
The End of an Era (Sold)
Queen Anne’s Lace

Dead Feminist Series - Washington
Common Thread (Sold)
Title Nine Iron
The Veil of Knowledge (Sold)

Francois Deschamps - New York
Fourteen Interiors
Imagination the Spy
Souvenir of Kingston
You and Me

Linda Gammell - Minnesota
Landscape of Hope and Despair
Sacred into Science

Alisa Golden - California
Better Say Eagle
Still Life with Bird and Dice (Oil)

Rebecca Goodale - Maine
Birdene and Ann
Eight clones

Gail Gregg - New York
Checked Out (Sold)

Frank Hamrick - Louisiana
I want to believe (Last Copy)
Record (Sold)

Lyall F. Harris - Virginia
Florence by Day, Florence by Night
Se Ben Fu Donna

John Hastings - Washington
Half a Foot (Sold)
How Decadent (Sold)
Imbroglio Portfolio
A Lifetime of Cars (Sold)
Remembering my Zoo

Haybarn Press - New York
Aesthetique du Rale (Sold)
Three poems about the sounds of jazz (Sold)

Josh Hockensmith - North Carolina
Heart Sutra remix
Doctor Mister Miracles's Vocabulary Guide

Mark Klassen - Wisconsin
Protection & Security

Hilke Kurzke - England

Joan Lyons - New York
You Should Not 'Ignore' - This Message ...

Marlene MacCallum - Canada
Theme and Permutation (Sold)

Erin Malkowski - Pennsylvania
We Float Like Dust (Sold)

Catherine Michaelis - Washington
May Basket
The Three SisterS (Sold)

Allison Milham - Utah
Amazing Joe

Cathryn Miller - Canada
Cathorse Colors
The ME Ching

Melanie Mowinski - Massachusetts
Naked: Walking in the Woods

Bonnie Thompson Norman - Washington
Ballot Box (Sold)
A Mealtime Blessing
A Parent’s Patchwork Quilt

Lisa Olson - Massachusetts
Little Drop of Shadow (Sold)

Pamela Petro - Massachusetts
AfterShadow (Sold)

Michael Pevin - Arkansas
Cradle of Civilization (Sold)

Petra Press - Wisconsin
Narrow Escapes (Sold)

Carrie Ann Plank - California

Preacher’s Biscuit Books - New York
KaraokE (Sold)

Purgatory Pie Press - New York
Alphabet (Sold)
Artist coasters
The Critics Rave

Maryann Riker - New Jersey
Blinded 2
Measure for Measure (Sold)
Weekly Rituals of a Domestic Goddess (Sold)

Jenna Rodriquez - New York
This is your ticket

Regula Russelle - Minnesota
Essay, Bowl

Miriam Schaer - New York
The Presence of Their Absence
Zelda Reflects (Sold)

Fruma Shrensel - Washington
be the changE (Sold)

Terry Schupbach-Gordon - North Carolina
Banished Thoughts
Coyote with Coffee
Just Like Always

Singing Bone Press - South Carolina
Three Legs Up, Cold as Stone (Sold)

Jessica Spring - Washington
Daniel Hudson B Burnham
I Love Hobo
I See the Moon
Make it a Red Letter Day
Spoon Letter

Thomasina Taylor - Utah
Bits & Pieces
An Essay on Ancient Peruvian Textiles
A Guidebook to Ancient Nabatean Ruins at Petra

Peter and Donna Thomas - California
An Aesop’s Fable
Song of the Open Road (Sold)
Train Depots (Sold)

Todd Thyberg - Minnesota
American Manifesto

Faruk Ulay - California
Cultivation of Enigma
Dolls found, Words Lost
ID:LA / City, Projections (Sold)

Don Widmer - Washington
Transformation Mask (Sold)

Ellen Ziegler - Washington
Exercises to Free the Tongue (Sold)